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$TREETwise Trader

$TREETwise Trader is an equity on-line application for hedge funds, offering comprehensive deal management, trade execution and securities position tracking.

$TREETwise Trader was designed for traders to meet their deal and securities tracking needs. Deal information is easily captured and reported. Traders can automatically fax a variety of reports to brokers. Positions can be tracked by multiple users in real time. Cross-checking with the reference databases makes trade entry accurate and efficient.

A multitude of reports, available on demand, keeps traders updated on deals, trades and positions. These reports can be automatically forwarded to clearing and contra brokers.

$TREETwise Trader's features include:

  • Deal Management Subsystem -- tracks and reports deals from inception to initial public offering.
  • Trade Capture and Execution Subsystem -- provides trade capture and reporting capabilities.
  • Securities Position Tracking -- displays positions and profit and loss data for securities, updated in real time. Multiple users can access the information.
  • Reference Databases -- allow quick and easy access to supporting information and reports.
  • End of Day Processing -- conveniently automates daily closeout procedures.

These functions and features make $TREETwise Trader the complete deal and Trading System.
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