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Systems Integration

NorthStar's technology consultants, programmers, and network engineers comprise a unified team, building optimal system configurations designed to enhance the mission critical business processes that make your company successful.

Our engineers will:

  • Select compatible software and hardware to build on your existing infrastructure.
  • Provide scalable architecture through the use of component-based systems.
  • Ensure efficient operation by designing custom applications to meet specific project needs.
  • Employ the highest security standards for advanced firewalls and authentication, authorization and encryption methods, to make your system the most secure on the web.
  • Set up data replication, recovery and fail-over plans for mission critical systems.
  • Create network data models which analyze the current network and growth plans.
  • Audit your hardware and software resources, perform robust needs analyses and performance assessments.
  • Design, plan, schedule, and execute partial or total system rearchitectures.
  • Train your staff and provide ongoing maintenance.

NorthStar sets the standard for efficient information delivery systems.Our ability to bring projects in on time and within budget is unmatched.
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New York, NY 10038
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