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IT Consulting

On Wall Street, the key to success is providing better and more efficient services to our customers at a lower cost than our competitors.  This requires superior technology, technology that comprises well-designed business applications that are reliable, flexible and scalable, yet cost-effective to maintain.  Technology that exploits new hardware platforms, development tools, and methodologies while minimizing the risk to your company and its clients.

    NorthStar's information technology consulting practice was founded on Wall Street where our principal consultants have been at the forefront of custom software development for nearly two decades.

    Using client-server and object-oriented technologies we have been very successful in the analysis, design, development, and implementation of mission-critical systems for major banks, brokerage institutions, and portfolio management firms.  We have also successfully applied this experience to industries outside of financial services including the insurance, transportation and energy industries.

    At Northstar Technologies we offer a wide range of consulting services from traditional contract consulting to the development of turnkey systems. Turnkey systems are delivered at a guaranteed fixed-cost after detailed functional specifications are prepared and accepted.  On contract assignments, NorthStar consultants can provide assistance during all phases of application development from conception through deployment.  We also have experienced project managers who can add immediate value to strategic and tactical projects.

    NorthStar understands the importance of protecting your investment in existing systems.   Towards that end, we maintain a comprehensive database of diversified and pre-qualified individuals that can provide maintenance programming and production support.
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