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Internet Applications

NorthStar believes that internet-based computing lies on the same continuum as client/server computing, with relatively minor differences separating them beyond the user interface.  Our significant experience developing mission-critical client/server applications coupled with our early experience in developing corporate web sites ensures that proper development techniques are applied properly to each internet development initiative we undertake.

NorthStar's Internet Services

Web Site Development

Our Web experts can help you develop a strategic plan that outlines how your company might benefit from being on the Web.  We can develop a prototype web site to suggest or confirm functionality, and provide you with a detailed specification and implementation plan that includes initial and ongoing costs.

Web Site Management

NorthStar can provide content management and system's maintenance expertise to ensure that your on-line presence is kept current and functional.

Web Server Installation and Maintenance

NorthStar can assist you with the implementation of your Web services.  If you are setting up your own servers, we can assist you with acquiring, installing, and testing the required hardware and software.  If desired, NorthStar can recommend a reliable third-party to host your web site and work closely with this provider to ensure that the implementation is successful.

Browser-Based Application Development

NorthStar's Web experts and experienced system consultants routinely partner to develop browser-based applications for deployment on corporate intranets.  This includes the development of new applications using the latest internet technologies or the web-enabling of legacy systems using a combination of traditional and internet technologies.

NorthStar can also help you develop a long-term strategy for using extranet capabilities and assist you in delivering browser-based applications to end-users outside the corporation.
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